Five Things Friday

This is just a random accumulation of five things I’m groovin’ on lately.

  • Clinique Blushwear Cream Stick in Glow Blush.  I don’t spend a lot of time and effort on makeup.  I just don’t have time.  My total makeup routine typically takes place in the car on the way to wherever I’m going.  I have my stoplights on the way to work timed perfectly to put on undereye serum, concealer, powder, and blush.  If I have time, I might put on some mascara.  But easy and fast is the name of the game with me.  {There’s a joke in there somewhere.}  This cream blush goes on so smoothly, and turns into a powder on your skin when you rub it in.  Honestly, I don’t even need a mirror to apply this blush.  A swipe on each cheek, a few circular rubs, and I’m good to go.  The Glow Blush color is so subtle.  It gives you a natural flush with just the tiniest hint of shimmer.    {$21}

  • Song Pop.  This is a fun app that pits you against your friends to see who can guess the song the fastest.  There are several different categories, and the app plays a clip of a song and gives you five choices.  The faster you guess the song, the more points you get, natch.  Apparently you can play it on Facebook as well, but I don’t play games on Facebook so I’ll stick to my trusty iPhone.  I seem to do best in the 90s Alternative category, but I hold my own in the 80s and Classic Rock categories as well.
  • @DadBoner.  I have been following the triumphs and foibles of Karl Welzein for quite awhile now.  The man loves cold ones and weekends, and unfortunately he just went through a nasty divorce.  He tends to get himself into some crazy situations, and luckily for us he tweets about them.  Currently he is entangled in a bit of a web with his coworker Ken and Ken’s Oh La La Wife.  Cold ones clouded Karl’s judgment and he ended up going all the way with Ken’s wife.  Hopefully Ken won’t find out, but something tells me he will.  And who knows what will happen then?
  • Chocolate pudding.  This one shouldn’t require any further explanation, but in case it does I can explain it in two words:  (1) chocolate; and (2) pudding.
  • Spotify.  I have been using Spotify for over a year, and my love for it continues to grow.  I love being able to find literally any kind of music I am in the mood for.  I love being able to make playlists, and I especially love being able to take those playlists on the road with me via iPhone or iPad app {available with the premium subscription}.  I can connect Spotify to our Sonos wireless speaker and voila, we have jams throughout the house.  I have playlists for bedtime, for morning time, for other time, for work, for driving, for parties, for anything.  I have found so many new artists and bands that I probably would have never encountered otherwise.  For $9 a month, I’d say it’s worth it.


So those are a few of the things that I’m digging this week.  What about you?  Anyone interested in a link-up?  I’m happy to start one.  I’d love to see what is getting your motor going this week!

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