Craft Time, Suckas! Mickey Mouse-Inspired Visor

So we were doing some running around on Friday evening before taking Cole out for one of his favorite dinners {Stevi B’s pizza buffet, don’t judge me}, and we decided to run next door to Michael’s to peruse and pick up a few artsy craftsy things to do this weekend.  Cole had been playing with his pirate Mouse Ears from Disney World a lot over the past couple of weeks, and I worry that he is going to tear them up or somehow ruin them, so I wanted to make him some sort of Mickey Mouse themed dome cover to wear around the house.  I was hoping they had some sort of beanie type hat, but no luck.

But what I did find were some red foam visors, on sale 3 for $2.  Zac and I talked about what we could do with them, and we got a pretty good idea of what we wanted the hat to look like.  So I bought a few visors {okay, four visors, one for each of us}, and then got a black foam sheet and a yellow foam sheet, plus a few other things that I thought would help make the job easier.  So here you go, here’s how to make an inexpensive Mickey Mouse themed visor.


-Red foam visor, or pink for Minnie, or whatever color you like.  Go wild.

-Sheet of medium thickness black foam.

-Sheet of thin yellow foam {or white for Minnie}.

-Hot glue gun, every crafter’s best friend.

-Round fondant cutter (they come in a 3-pack at Michael’s, and you’ll use the two largest ones, or use a small circle template).

-Xacto knife.

And a close-up of the fondant cutter, just so you know what you’re looking for:

Take the fondant cutter and press circles into the black foam sheet.  Press them into the edge, leaving a little bit of flatness on the bottom.  This is where you’ll glue the ears on.

Then carefully cut out the ear shapes with your Xacto knife.  I found it best to poke through all the way around and then go back and slice.  Do this on a surface you don’t mind nicking up.

And voila, a mouse ear.

Then get to work cutting out your yellow “buttons”.  You can use a smaller diameter fondant cutter, or any round template you would like.  We had an Xacto template that we used and it worked great.

And for some reason I forgot to take pictures of the gluing-on of items onto the visor.  But you’ll glue the mouse ears onto the sides of the visor, maybe an inch or so from the back of it, and then glue your yellow buttons on the front, near the top.  For that you will need a hot glue gun.

After you’ve glued on two ears and two buttons to each visor, this is what you’ll have.

And there’s your very own handmade Mouse Ears.  These were really easy to make and turned out super cute, in my opinion.  They would make great party hats/favors.  Now Cole can play with some Mouse ears and I won’t have to worry about him ruining his $20 pair of pirate Mouse Ears from our trip to Disney World.  Both kids enjoyed them, and us adults did too!

Did you make anything this weekend?  I’d love to see it!

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