{A Little} Before and After: Master Bathroom

Being an Auburn fan has its ups and downs.  In the plus column, the gameday experience can’t be matched.  Jordan Hare is a sight to behold.  The campus is beautiful.  Toomer’s lemonade.  Bo Jackson. Pat Sullivan.  Cam Newton.  Tim Cook (says the nerd in me).  The drawback of being an Auburn fan?  Alabama fans.

Although Zac and I went to a small liberal arts college, we have been Auburn fans since birth.  We both have aunts and uncles and cousins who are Auburn alumni, so we have been Tigers our entire lives.  Our small college didn’t have a football team, and since we live in SEC country you have to have a team.  We both went to college where we were paid to go via scholarships.  Do you know how hard it is to make the tennis team at Auburn?  Very hard, let me tell you.  So, Auburn fans we are and Auburn fans we will be.  If the stars align, perhaps our boys will go there and play football so we can go to every game.

Another issue with having a complete and utter Auburn fanatic for a husband is that if he sees something in orange and navy, we HAVE TO HAVE IT.  Last year Target had kids’ hoodies that were orange and navy striped.  We bought one in every size so Cole could grow into them.  Orange and navy sheets?  Yep.  Orange and navy salt and pepper shakers!  Those were a gift.  Also a drawback of living with an Auburn fanatic: anything Auburn is an acceptable gift, and you don’t even have to think about it!  If it’s got an AU slapped on it, let’s get it for Zac!  So when we ran across this orange and navy shower curtain, you can guess where its next home was.  Our master bathroom.


It’s so…. orange.  And navy.  And while I love Auburn and all most things orange and navy, that shower curtain is awful.  But I’ve put up with it for a very long time because my husband wanted it.  But let’s face it.  It doesn’t match the walls.  I can’t find a cheap bath mat to match it exactly.  It’s so dark.  It just sucks all the light from everywhere in the room.  It makes the inside of the shower dark, which doesn’t really help me wake up in the mornings.

So we set out in search of just a new bath mat, but I had to put my foot down.  That orange and navy shower curtain had to go.  I needed color.  I needed brightness.  I needed for things to match.  I needed PRETTY!  And I think I got it.  The after:


It is seriously amazing the difference a $15 shower curtain and a $10 bath mat can make.  It automatically brightens up the room and makes it bearable to look at.  It even sort of kind of matches the walls, so I won’t have an overwhelming urge to paint that room as soon as possible.  Because if we want to paint that room, we’ll have to remove all the wallpaper that the previous owners painted over, and we didn’t know existed until we started showering in there and the wallpaper started peeling.  But until we’re ready to tackle that project, we’ll just be happy with a brighter, more visually pleasing shower curtain.  And with all those colors, accessorizing should be a cinch.  It will be nice to have a bathroom that looks somewhat put together, even if eventually it will need to be gutted from the floor up.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison.  What do you think?

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