Paleo/Clean Eating/Getting Healthy Update

Well, I didn’t weigh myself on Thursday or Sunday like I had been doing.  Possibly because I knew that I would have found those 5 pounds I lost in the first week of this whole paleo/clean eating thing.

Why did they come back, you ask?  Well, I just got tired.  It’s hard to menu plan with a full-time outside of the home job, and another full-time job waiting for me when I get home.  My friend Danielle calls it the second shift.  Dinners are pretty easy to do, since Zac loves to grill.  It’s fairly simple to toss some marinated meat on the grill and scrounge up some veggies to go with it. Breakfast is okay as well.  Smoothies are simple to make, or it takes a couple of minutes to scramble some eggs.  I made bacon and egg muffin cups the other week that we ate for breakfast the next week, and they were delicious and filling.  I plan to make them more in the future.

What gets me are the lunches.  We have a decent restaurant downstairs that serves all kinds of food.  Salad bar, pasta bar, hot bar, burgers, paninis, hot and cold sandwiches, burritos, quesadillas, taco salads, cheese steaks, basically whatever you want they can whip up for you.  And it’s not so much that I go down there in search of a certain food or craving something in particular, but I go down there because it’s the easiest option whenever I forget my lunch or don’t have leftovers to bring.  I don’t get to take a conventional lunch break because I have to pump three times a day, so my lunch break is spread out in three 20-minute increments.  So if I don’t have lunch, I have to go get something.

Most of the time I do the salad bar, but some days when I have a need for extra protein I have to head to the hot bar or the grill.  If the hot bar has this one type of chicken that I really like, I’m golden.  It’s stuffed with spinach and a very light sauce, and is delicious.  I get a serving of that and veggies.  But if they only have Chinese chicken fried to oblivion, the grill is a better option.  But when I get up there, I just get what I know is good instead of branching out and trying something different.  They do a great cheeseburger down there, so I just order it by default.  And then if they offer me fries, I say yes.  Why do I say yes?!  They’re seasoned fries, which are my absolute favorite.  I just can’t seem to resist them.  It’s like the guy in Supersize Me.  He always upgraded to the biggie size if they asked him.  I always get the fries if they ask me if I want them.

I’m so weak.

So I think I will just call last week a wash.  Start over fresh this week.  Except that I don’t have lunch today and I will have to go downstairs.  D’oh!  I am going to try to make better choices this week, and plan for leftovers when I cook dinner so that I can have lunch and will be able to resist the temptation of delicious, crispy, freshly cooked seasoned fries.

I’m going to try harder this week.  But it is certainly going to be hard to resist this.

Geez.  I should have never looked at that picture.

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