To my little friend, say hello.


I love this little Yoda.  I got it at Disney World as my souvenir.  We like to get a little souvenir whenever we travel.  I’ve actually done this since I was a small child.  Except we went to the same beach every year and always went to Souvenir City and got some stupid crap made out of shells or something.

Zac’s item of choice was a nice pen featuring a Mickey Mouse theme, Cannon got a tiny plush Mickey, and Cole got pirate-themed mouse ears.  I went back and forth on what I wanted my token to be, but I kept coming back to these little figurines.  They are called Vinylmation, and there are HUNDREDS of them.  There is an entire Star Wars series that I want to collect.  They also have the Muppets, a Parks series, classic Disney characters, Alice in Wonderland, and various other themes and styles.  I just ran across a Seven Dwarves set that is adorable!

The fun thing is that some series of figurines do not mark the outside of the box with what is inside, so you never know what you’re going to get!  I had my fingers crossed for either R2D2, C3PO, or Yoda, and I got lucky.  Hopefully I will get a chance to add to my collection soon.

Do you like to get souvenirs from your travels?  What about collections, do you have any?

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