Insert Away Message Here, in Morgan Freeman’s Voice

I won’t have time to post a real post today.  Yes, yes, I know, stop yer cryin’.  I was really busy and up late last night, and unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to write a post.  So no Five Question Friday, no cute pictures of my kids, no insanely helpful household tips.  Not today.  You’re just going to have to settle for me sneaking in a quick post while I’m at work.  We are going to Disney World {!!!} tomorrow and will be gone all next week.  But never fear, my lovelies!  I’ve got some KILLER guest posters lined up to inform and entertain you.

For today, I leave you with this image.  It’s been a big part of life for the past week or so, and I know you’ll love it too.

Titty sprinkles, my friends.  Titty sprinkles.

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