Phone Photo Fun Monday!

So I saw this on my buddy The Nerdy Katie‘s blog, and since I take a veritable crap-ton of pictures on my phone (thanks, Instagram) I thought it would be fun to participate.  It’s hosted by Savanah at Savanah Smiles and Ashlee at On The Front Porch Looking In.  So let’s get started, shall we?

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I love my office.  We have our very own Easter Bunny.  He comes to see us every Easter and hides eggs all around the office.  It’s a fun way to come back to work after a holiday when we are all crashing from our Sunday sugar highs.

Coming soon to a weekend near you: hardscaping.  And probably a lot of cursing.

I love finding a new favorite lipstick.  Revlon Colorstay in Satin Rosewood.  Perfection.

Knock on wood and praise the Lord, Cole loves to get his hair cut.  My brother was a disaster at the barber, so I was always afraid Cole would hate haircuts as well.  Let’s hope Cannon likes them just as much, because he’ll be needing one soon.

See what I mean?  Look at all that hair.  🙂

Easter egg nests!

This is his mad face.

Cannon loves his big brother.  He just has to be right next to him all the time.

And finally, we go to Disney World in this many days!

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