My favorite kind of Saturday.

Ahhhh, this is my favorite kind of Saturday.  We all got to sleep in {if you consider waking up at 7:30am sleeping in, which I do considering I’m halfway to work by that time during the week}.  Cole got to choose a sugary cereal for breakfast {Apple Jacks} and I had waffles.  The boys and I are still in our pajamas.  Zac had an event at work and left around 8:30, but hopefully he will be back by early afternoon and we can spend some time with him.  But as for us, we are just lounging around the house.  Cole and Cannon are playing in the floor, passing toys back and forth and laughing at each other.  I am enjoying some tea and catching up on e-mails {on which I am woefully behind}.  I hope the rest of the day is this low-key.

I’m just so excited to not have to drive all over creation this weekend.  The past two weekends we have gone to Birmingham, once for Easter and last weekend for my MaMaw’s 80th birthday party and to visit my other grandparents in Athens, which is near Huntsville in north Alabama.  Last Sunday we were in the car for an hour and a half from Birmingham to Athens, and then again for six hours from Athens to Atlanta.  That’s a lot of time in the car for two little boys.

That’s the sucky part about living away from your immediate family.  A lot of driving.  We haven’t visited as much since Cannon was born for various reasons.  It’s much more complicated to get two kids ready to go away for a weekend.  There is the added packing and luggage, but also just the getting ready to go is more of a hassle.  We’re in a man-to-man defense right now, and it’s just hard to keep both kids content AND pack AND load the car.  And then there’s the drive to consider.  From here to Birmingham is right around 2.5 hours, which is roughly the time between Cannon’s feedings.  They usually take a good nap in the car for a 3-hour trip.  Any longer than that, and it’s all up in the air.  Sometimes Cannon will wake up and cry, sometimes he will play with his car seat toys.  It’s a crapshoot as to whether or not he is happy after we stop the car and feed him.  Sometimes he happily sits in his car seat for another two hours, sometimes he bucks and arches his back and fights going back in it at all.  I love this age, but he is so unpredictable.  I’m hoping that these long trips we’ve taken the past couple of weekends will help him prepare for the long drive to Orlando in two weeks.

One of the good things about living away from our family is that I feel like it has made us a more self-reliant family unit.  We don’t have anyone to babysit for us whenever we want, which really sucks most of the time.  But it’s made us find more ways to enjoy time outside the house as a family.  Where we go, our kids go.  We’ve gotten really creative when it comes to outings.  I also don’t have much help readily available, which was my main concern when we first found out we were adding to our family.  But I deal with it.  I have extended family here that I could call on if I needed to, but I really like spending as much time with my kids as possible since I work full-time outside the home.  I survive by going go girls night out with my coworkers every now and then, and the school does parents night out once every six weeks or so.  That’s enough for me.  After dealing with my adult children at work all day, it’s nice to come home every evening and get some good baby and toddler snugglin’.

Still, it would be nice to live near our parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles.  Who knows what the future will bring for us.  If we are supposed to move back to Alabama, then it will work itself out.  I do enjoy living and working in Atlanta, though, so if it’s not meant to be then that’s okay too.

{I kind of like having these sweet boys all to myself anyway.}

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