Free Advertising! Get Your Free Advertising Here!

So, I’m new to the world of sponsors and ads.  I’m definitely not anywhere near big enough to have any sort of following where I should be charging money for ads, that’s for sure.  But still, everybody’s got to start somewhere.  Right?

I found out about this new ad service called Passion Fruit Ads on the Twitters a few weeks ago and decided to give it a whirl.  It promises to make advertising as simple and hassle-free as possible.  I’ve checked out the site, and it really looks like it will deliver on that promise.  Creating ad spots was so simple.  All I had to do was decide on the sizes, the prices, and the run times, and it generated codes for me which I just popped into the PR/Ads page.  So the ad spots are there, ripe for the picking.

In an effort to encourage some of that picking, however, I am offering up some free advertising for the few, the proud, the faithful readers of this blog.  All you have to do is go get it.  Head on over to the PR/Ads page, pick out what size ad you want to run, choose your ad size (first come, first serve), click “Buy Now”, and when you get to the payment processing page and enter all of your information, all you have to do is enter the promo code HOUSEOFBURKS for one month of free advertising!  And hey, if you find yourself getting some traffic from my site, come on back and buy an ad.  We can even work out a special rate.

So how about it?  You’ve got nothing to lose and maybe a little traffic to gain.  Give it a try and help me put Passion Fruit Ads to the test.

And just because I like to put a picture in every post, here you go.

Buy an ad, or I’ll get ya!

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