Because we’ve taken leave of our senses…. {#DisneyWorld}

… we are taking a not-quite-3 year old and a nearly 8-month old to Disney World.  In this many days.

I’m certain this means we are crazy.  We are also driving the approximately 8 hours it will take to get there.  With a 2-year old and an 8-month old.  And that’s just driving straight through.  We will have to stop every 2 or three hours to feed the baby, change movies, stretch our legs, etc.  So we’re probably looking at around 9 hours in the car with the boys.

I am afraid.  Hold me.

I would like to make this excruciatingly long car ride as easy as possible on the boys {and myself}.  To that end, I have a few things that I plan on picking up before our trip to keep them comfortable and entertained.  The first item on that list is a lap desk for Cole.

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This will give Cole space to spread out with his books, crayons, and his beloved trucks.  It will also give him a stable place to put his snacks and cup on and hopefully result in less of a mess for me to have to clean up when the trip is over.  I like the pockets on the side, which will be great for stowing crayons and toy cars and snacks and such.

The next item I’m looking at is the Sunshine Kids Travel Pal Organizer.

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I think this will be great for keeping his drinks and toys contained and easily accessible to me.  We are taking my Chrysler 300 instead of Zac’s Tahoe, so the backseat will be reachable without too many acrobatics on my part.  Since there’s not enough room for me to sit in between carseats, the space might as well be used for something constructive.

One thing I’ve noticed during our recent travels the past two weekends is that Cole’s head tends to slump forward when he falls asleep.  I always try to push it back, but it just keeps happening and sometimes I wake him up.  This tends to happen more in the Graco Nautilus in Zac’s car than the Air Protect in mine, but I think he would be more comfortable with a little neck pillow.  One like this would be perfect for my little pirate lover.

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Not only is that neck pillow FREAKING CUTE, it is functional and not too bulky.  I think something like that would really be helpful for keeping his head from lolling forward in the car.

Another issue to contend with on long road trips is the accumulation of TRASH.  Snack wrappers, soda cans, bottles of water, or for us, Starbucks cups, it can get out of control.  So a sturdy travel garbage container would be nice.

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This trash container looks large enough to handle the garbage that the three of us will make over the course of the trip.  And if it gets full, we can just dump it when we stop.  I also like the little pocket on the side, which will be great for keeping napkins or wet wipes.  And this can go in the floor under Cole’s feet, which will be easily accessible for me and not in his way.

We also have a DVD player for long trips.  It has two screens, but I don’t know if I want to put the second screen on for the baby.  Do 8-month olds watch TV?  Would he even enjoy it?  He usually sleeps in the car anyway, but I’m certain he won’t be sleeping for 8 hours in the car {even though he does sleep an 8-hour stretch at night}.  Hm.  Something to think about.

What are your favorite travel items?  What travel items do your kids seem to enjoy?  If you can think of anything that I desperately need for a looooong trip, please leave a comment and let me know.  We’ve never taken a trip this long with kids and I’m really out of my element!

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