Another Post and Run and… Throwback Thursday?

I didn’t get a post written and scheduled last night because sleep seemed more important at the time.  {Who am I kidding, sleep is always more important.}  But now I am behind, which is unfortunately the story of my life.  I think on the way to Disney World next Saturday {!!!} I will attempt to make wise use of the 8-hour drive and write some blog posts.  I have several topics in my head that I would like to get down in written form, but it’s just hard for me to find the time to actually sit down and compose them.  Work is really busy, and we just had a bombshell drop in one of our biggest cases {a very good bombshell, though}.  And of course I can’t do anything but take care of kids and dogs and bottles and floors and laundry and the husband when I get home in the evenings, so the only time I have to blog is after the boys are in bed.  And some nights, it just ain’t happenin’.

But I’m making an effort.  And to that end, here’s a bit of a fluff blog post.  Is Throwback Thursday a thing?  Do people do that on blogs?  I can’t remember if any of the blogs I follow have done a Throwback Thursday, but maybe we should start.  I guess Throwback Thursday is the same thing as Flashback Friday, but just on a different day.  Whatever, I’m running with it.  Here’s a photo of my first baby boy when he was just a little squishy.

We still use that towel, and now his head fills up the entire froggy part and we have to really try to get it to fit over his big melon head.  I can’t believe that tiny little baby boy is now nearly three years old and currently sprawled out in a full-size bed.  Before I know it, he’ll be so big his feet will be hanging off the end of the bed.  🙁

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