Saturday Done Right

Spring is a very busy time for the ol’ Burks family.  For some reason, both of our jobs tend to pick up during the spring months.  Law firms tend to come out of their holiday comas around mid-January and don’t really slow down until summer, and the nonprofit ministry circuit keeps busy with Easter activities, planting Bible studies, and various groups of students out on spring break and eager to volunteer.  All this is great.  We love getting a jump start on billable hours at the beginning of the year at my job, and Zac loves reaching out to new people at his job.  All good things.  Mostly.

Unfortunately, that business leaves one or the other of us working late or on Saturday a lot of the time.  I tend to stay later at work during the week just to keep my head above water on administrative stuff, and Zac has various events that take place on Saturdays throughout March and April.  So the weekends we get to spend fully together as a family are somewhat rare.  When those weekends come along, we like to take advantage of them.  Today was a gorgeous Saturday, and I really feel like we squeezed every last bit of Saturday-ness out of it.

Both boys slept late this morning which was great.  Zac had to go do something with his car this morning so he and Cole took care of that while Cannon napped and I took a shower.  When they got back we headed out to Buck Jones Nursery to try to spend a $100 gift certificate that we won at a silent auction at the boys’ school last April.  It expires on April 13th, d’oh!  But we got some good ideas of what we would like to do to the outside of our house.  It’s ever evolving, but eventually the Mister and I got on the same page and I’m eager to get started on it this summer.

After the nursery we headed toward Atlanta with every intention of going to the Braves Open House at Turner Field. We stopped by my friend Allyson’s house on the way in.  She is moving to Washington DC this weekend and was sad that she wasn’t going to get to see the boys before she left, so we decided to bring them by.  Cole loves him some Miss Allyson.  And her metal bulldog.

Image stolen from Allyson’s Instagram.  🙂

After helping them pack up a little and saying our see-you-laters (I hate goodbyes), it was around 2:30.  Not really enough time to get down to Turner Field.  So after a quick stop to Wolff Camera for an external battery charger for my Nikon P6000, we decided to pick up some Chick-Fil-A and spend the rest of the afternoon at Piedmont Park since it was a nice day.  Best.  Decision.  Ever.

I would actually love to see a bicycle riding dog.

He couldn’t have Chick-Fil-A, so…

Friends, when I tell you it was a gorgeous day, I mean it was a GORGEOUS day.  The temperature was perfect.  The clouds were beautiful.  The pollen was bearable.  The sun was shining.  My face got a little pink.  There were SO many people at Piedmont Park today.  There was a wedding, a couple of birthday parties, Georgia State had a tennis match, all these healthy fit people were jogging and playing sports, and there were so many cute dogs to look at.  After a nice walk around the park we ended up at the Noguchi Playscape, which was designed by the late Isamu Noguchi.  The whole playground is basically a scupture installation on which you can play.  Cole had a great time on the slides and climbing apparatuses, and Cannon really enjoyed the swing.  That boy would live on a swing if he could.

“I’m the king of this mountain!”

“Ba ba ba!” (That’s what he usually says.)

After a few hours at the Playscape (and a zillion pictures taken by Zac and myself, which I won’t bore you with now), it was time to head back to the car.  As we walked, we got to enjoy listening to Cowboy Mouth, an old favorite of ours, who was playing at the Oyster Festival on the lower end of the park.  Cole was so tired that Zac ended up carrying him on his shoulders while I pushed Cannon in the umbrella stroller.  Cole barely made a peep the whole way back to the car, which, if you know him at all, you know that it is extremely unlike him to remain quiet for any length of time.  He chugged a bottle of water in the car and passed out cold.  Zac and I decided to take advantage of the moment and swing through the Varsity in Norcross for some chocolate shakes.

It tastes just like a Fudgesicle.  Seriously.

Cannon woke up when we got home so I nursed him back down to sleep.  Cole stayed asleep through getting taken out of his carseat, being carried up the stairs, me taking his shoes and socks off, and Zac taking off his shorts and putting a new pull-up on him.  Complete and total exhaustion.

That means this Saturday?  We did it right.

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