Pinterest Challenge Project: Ironing Board Hanger

Turns out that I didn’t have the time to tackle that china cabinet this weekend.  Why?  Well, it started out that Zac was going to have to go in to work on Saturday (he works at a nonprofit ministry and they have groups of students come in ever so often to do service projects).  I was disappointed because he has been working a lot lately and I was hoping that we would all be able to spend the weekend together.  I couldn’t very well work on the cabinet and wrangle two kids, so it was out of the question anyway.  THEN I got a call about 12:30 from Zac telling me he was on his way home!  Yay!  One of the nonprofit’s founders said that she was going to stay for the service project and sent him home to us.  I was so excited.  So we decided to go to the park and to the store to get stuff to cook on the grill since Saturday was slap-your-momma gorgeous.  And Sunday was spent cleaning up around the house, working on Zac’s car, and playing and working outside in the yard.  So the china cabinet will have to wait until another day.

No matter, because as I said, I had a small project waiting in the wings.  The ironing board hanger.  To refresh your memory, here is my inspiration:

Image from The House of Smiths

So I set out to find some scrap wood in the garage.  Zac had been working on his own project in the kitchen (a fold-down desk type thing) using wood from an old table (that he made himself, he’s so handy).  It just so happened that he had a piece of wood that suited my needs perfectly.

Sidenote:  This quickly turned into Zac’s project instead of mine.  He’s just better at all the stud-finding and the drilling and the leveling and the mounting.  There’s a that’s what she said in there somewhere.

Anyway, so he set to putting up the board.

And here is the board on the wall.

He put it flush against the corner because it was only screwed into one stud on the wall.  That way if something ever gives on the left side, it at least has the wall to brace itself against.  I plan on dabbing those screws with some browny bronzey paint to help them blend in.

And I went on over to the Home Depot to pick out some hooks.  Here’s what I liked best.  It blends in with the wood but also has a nice little bit of copper peeking out on the edges for a bit of color.

And he measured.  And measured again.  What’s that saying, measure twice and drill once?  Or something like that.

And then he drilled in the hooks.  I don’t have any photos of this magic happening because (a) I was putting the baby to bed, and (b) I thought he could use some privacy.  But here is the final product.

So that’s it!  The ironing board now has its own little place in our house.  And I also reeeeaaaally need to clean the washing machine.  Anyway, I am glad that we were able to reuse some wood that we already had, and I only spent $10 on the hooks.  I figure since my board was rather plain, a couple of nicer hooks would help dress it up a bit.  And no more storing the ironing board behind closet doors, or propped up against the wall.  No more worrying about it getting knocked over by a toddler racing through the house.  It has a home.  I may still add a little decoration to it so it doesn’t look so plain and utilitarian, but it serves its purpose.

{Forgive the photos.  They were all taken with my iPhone.  Handy, but the pictures aren’t as good as with my Canon.}

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