This Week at the House of Burks 2012-02-19

  • New post: Welcome Home, Layla! #
  • Welcome Home, Layla! #
  • New post: This Week at the House of Burks 2012-02-12 #
  • This Week at the House of Burks 2012-02-12 #
  • Dear fussy teething baby, please fall asleep. That goes for you too, angry 2-year old. Love, Mom. #
  • So apparently the Grammys are on. Shouldn't that be Grammies? But it ain't about your Nana, so I guess not. #
  • I have a tickle in my throat that will not go away. I am vexed. #
  • The video monitor is making the most irritating crackling sound intermittently. It is driving me up a wall. #
  • Cannon rolled off the movement sensor. I'm not opposed to him sleeping on his belly now, but I just don't want the monitor to go off. #
  • I need a new book. What says Twitter about Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter? #
  • If loving Jeff Goldblum is wrong, then I don't ever want to be right. #
  • They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I just find it extremely annoying. Live your own life and stop trying to live mine. #
  • My little Cannon is 5 months old! He is so happy and sweet. We love our boys so much more than we ever thought possible. #
  • True fact: guns don't make clicking sounds every time you point them at someone. Get it right, The Television. #
  • Well, time to go wake up these boys. Happy Friday! #
  • Today is my iPad custody day. Maybe I can finally make more headway on The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo while I'm pumping. #
  • Zac got the boys early and took them to the park! What a sweet Daddy. I'm going to meet them there. Hope the sun sticks around a bit! #
  • Cannon has been saying "mama" all morning. I know it's too early for him to know what he's saying, but it still melts my heart. #
  • My home screen. Notice how productivity is the very last folder. I guess I placed them in order by importance. #

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