This Week at the House of Burks 2012-01-29

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  • This Week at the House of Burks 2012-01-22 #
  • I made Nutella oatmeal for breakfast. Lord have mercy. #
  • I'm going to try the @KrogerCo version of Nutella. Hopefully it won't disappoint. #
  • NeNe on Glee! She is hilarious. I still don't like her new nose. #
  • Oh, Will Schuester. Will, Will, Will Schuester. #iwouldclimbyoulikeatree #
  • Are my children ever going to wake up this afternoon? #
  • Cole has gotten out of bed three times already tonight. Very unlike him. He typically just lays down and goes to sleep. #
  • "No, Pirate Cole, do not hook your baby brother." #boymom #
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  • Back in the saddle #
  • It's a chicken parm kind of night. #
  • Super sleepy, you guys. #
  • It still trips me out that there are actual pirates in the world. #
  • People who smoke in the parking deck at work annoy the piss out of me. #
  • Patty melts and green beans. A random and delicious dinner. #
  • I have five books going right now: one on the iPad, one on the NOOK, and three in paperback. Is that weird? #
  • Is it weird that I always tell Siri "thank you" when she does something for me? My iPhone is not a person. Or is it….? #
  • Curse you, Nutella. You are an evil temptress and I wish I'd never laid eyes on you. #
  • I love the new Burks Morning Dance Party tradition. #
  • So far, the biggest drain on my iPhone's battery has been Temple Run. #
  • BOMBSHELL! Blake Lively is Chris Crocker! RUMOR. #
  • Cole fell asleep during his story. I've been laying in his bed with him for a half hour, just snuggling him. So blessed to be his mommy. #
  • We are home and have a ton of stuff to put together for the playroom. And we decided on a dining room table. I think. Mostly. #
  • Sodastream is a success! The root beer tastes like root beer. It's really good! #

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