Back in the saddle

Or back in my pumping room. Yep, I’m back at work and back to my routine. Which includes spending 20 minutes three times a day in an unused office attached to a human milker. It’s not the way I’d like to spend my lunch hour, but it’s what I consider to be a necessary evil for the next nine months.

My baby has joined his big brother at Primrose. Zachary and I both went today to drop them off. I did okay, not tearing up until I got in the car. I know he is in good hands. The teachers are the same ones who took care of Cole. But it never really gets easier to leave a tiny helpless baby with someone new. Still, I know it will be good for Cannon. Cole has thrived there and I have every reason to expect that Cannon will as well.

But I miss him.

But the days go by fast, and we give them both plenty of love and playtime when we get home. Now that Zachary is no longer working for the Evil Empire, he has been able to enjoy Cannon’s babyness much more than he did with Cole.

Back to the pumping.  It isn’t so bad.  And the way work is nowadays, it is the only guaranteed down time I get.  It helps break up my day a little, too.  Especially in the afternoons.  Instead of thinking, “okay, I just ate lunch so I have FOUR MORE HOURS until I go home,” I only have two hours until I pump at 3:00, and then another hour and a half before quittin’ time.  I remember how long the afternoons were when I stopped pumping last time.  It definitely took some getting used to.

Continuing to breastfeed exclusively when you are back at work is difficult, I won’t lie.  There are the actual pumping times at work, and then when you get home there is milk to freeze, bottles to wash and dry, pump parts to sterilize, milk to thaw, bottles to prepare for the next day, a pump to be packed and schlepped all over.  It would be easier in some respects to formula feed.  But I think about the convenience of breastfeeding (after you get over the initial shyness about nursing in public).  No bottles to pack, no formula powder to measure out, don’t have to find a place to warm it up, and you don’t have to carry around dirty bottles when you’re done.  I just nurse the baby, no preparation, no clean-up, and the milk is always the right temperature.

And breastfeeding is free, after the initial cost of the breast pump.  Have you guys seen the prices of formula these days??  For that reason and that reason alone, I will HAPPILY strap myself to that milker three times a day and sing all the way to the freezer in our garage.

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