This Week at the House of Burks 2011-12-25

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  • This Week at the House of Burks 2011-12-18 #
  • Getting ready for Christmas party no. 3 this weekend. Fun times, but tiring! #
  • Aaaaand I'm crashing. Goodnight. #
  • Cole slept until 7:30. Cannon is still asleep. Can this be every morning? #
  • @KrogerCo rewards points FTW. #
  • Cop pulled out to get me. I exited to evade him. Cop exited, saw barbecue joint, lost interest in me. Meanwhile, cruise is now set at 55. #
  • Homemade gift tags! #
  • I am miserable. I will never go near a McDonald's ever again. Ever. Again. I don't even know why I did it this time. I'm stupid, obviously. #
  • Seriously, you guys. I hope I don't die in the night. I feel like I might. #
  • Smells like bug spray in the post office. #
  • There are squirrels EVERYWHERE this morning. #
  • Christmas cards MUST go out tomorrow. I'm so behind on them. #
  • Jesus loves cake, according to Cole. Especially brown cake, because "brown cake is awesome." Where does he get this stuff?? #
  • Is it lame that I want some Uggs? They are so soft and comfy. #
  • Just walked through some old dude's fart at the mall. I want to die. #
  • My first attempt. Too big, but easy enough. I'll try a round one tomorrow. #
  • Feeling refreshed after a visit to the salon. Now let's knock out the last bit of Christmas shopping. #
  • Zac just woo-ed really loud in Home Depot. Then he said "tweet it, I don't care." He knows me too well. #
  • I am actually angry about all the years I could have eaten Nutella but didn't. #
  • Love my chunky monkey. #
  • Best Buy FTW. I am done. Now we can go home, put our jammies back on, and bake cookies for Santa. #
  • Ready for Christmas! #
  • Twin Peaks. That's what's up. #
  • My sweet baby love. #
  • Now we're having fun! #

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