This Week at the House of Burks 2011-12-18

  • Really tired, you guys. Glad we're almost home. My bed is calling my name. Raaaaachellllll… #
  • I was SUCH a fat kid today. At least I pigged out on real holiday food and not desserts, though. They weren't completely empty calories. #
  • New post: This Week at the House of Burks 2011-12-11 #
  • This Week at the House of Burks 2011-12-11 #
  • Thanks to a gift card and a sale, I got a $100 coat for $18 out of my pocket last night. Score. #
  • Toast with cinnamon honey butter. That's what's up. #
  • Cole put the strings from my sweatshirt hood in my ears and proclaimed, "you're a doctor." #
  • Then he said, "I love you, Doctor." I said, "I love you, patient." He said "I am not patient." Hubby and I both said, "I KNOW." #
  • I suffer from the awful affliction of loving to make pancakes from scratch but being terrible at making them. They taste great but are ugly. #
  • New post: 12 Weeks Old! #
  • 12 Weeks Old! #
  • Can someone PLEASE tell me how to make the center column wider in Digg theme on WordPress? There is an inch and a half of grey on sides. BOO #
  • Attention, The Twitter: it is naptime. #
  • It's amazing what a nice big poop will do for a baby's overall demeanor. Well, and a man's as well, if we're being honest. #
  • Both of my children are asleep. Before 7pm. This is weird. #
  • It's amazing how much cleaner my kitchen has been now that I'm done baking for a week or so. Next week it will be dirty again. Boo. #
  • So trying to be a good mother makes me a bad daughter. Lovely. #
  • @the818 is killin' it on @Pinterest today. Love it all. #
  • The most depressing Woot description ever. Kelty 5-Piece Set including Camp Hauler 2 & Two Extra Camp Cartons. #
  • Man, I love a peppermint milkshake. #
  • Well, that was a lovely and unexpected 2-hour nap. Time to get up and go shopping. #
  • So my 3-month old is teething already. Which means he is biting. Not much fun for me. Ouch. #
  • Sandusky, McQueary, and Paterno can all rot in hell. I hope they all get what's coming to them. #
  • Can't wait to try out my Chi. My hair is having issues lately. #

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