This Week at the House of Burks 2011-12-11

  • New post: This Week at the House of Burks 2011-12-04 #
  • This Week at the House of Burks 2011-12-04 #
  • Cole's new favorite face. #
  • Headed out for some fun with my Coley. #
  • Cole just looked at a girl in Michael's and said "how YOU doin'?" Hand to God. #
  • Going to see Santa. Let's hope he doesn't drop my child like the Easter Bunny did. #
  • Daily I am reminded how blessed we are to have two healthy children. My heart is broken for another mother tonight. God, bring her peace. #
  • Well, I tried birth control again to the same poor results. Back to rubbers and charting for us. #
  • Well, size 3 diapers here we come. #
  • The toddler is having nothing to do with bedtime tonight. #
  • @the_lame_sauce Number 1 for sure. Creepy elf. #
  • @TamingInsanity No excuse for that. #
  • Just received a pitch for a product I'm actually interested in. That hasn't happened for the longest time. Oh ohh oh ohh, for the longest… #
  • Thank you, Lord, for blessing me. You know exactly what need when I need it. #
  • My sweet baby. I love him more and more every day. #
  • Very sad. Thoughts about them aside, a loss is a loss. Michelle Duggar Has a Miscarriage #
  • Hey, found my Black Keys CD in the car player. Cool. #
  • Salt ornaments baking, to be painted tomorrow after a trip to IKEA. Then it's time to bake bake bake. And color my hair. #
  • Evidently I am a "super speeder." Thanks, DeKalb County police officer. I think I'm pretty super as well. #
  • I mean, they act like 81 in a 55 is a bad thing. #
  • It was the interstate. Where 85 is not just the name of the highway, it is the speed you have to maintain to NOT DIE. #
  • Let the baking… wait for it… BEGIN. #
  • Scotty's on fiiiiiire. #
  • Done cooking and making stuff for tonight. My back is killing me and I didn't get my hair colored, though. Boo. More cooking in the morning. #
  • Dicing jalapenos really clears the sinuses. #

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