12 Weeks Old!

*Warning: This post is very picture heavy.*

I went for the big picture of Cannon because this one is so cute, and because we haven’t done a weekly update in a couple of weeks.  We didn’t take a monkey picture when we were gone for Thanksgiving, and then the past two weeks he has been asleep when we got home from being out  so we didn’t get a picture that night, and one week we got one the next day but last week time just kept escaping me and I didn’t take it.  Sue me.  But OMG LOOK AT THAT BIG BOY!  He gets more handsome every single day.  I love everything about that little face.  From the cute little grin to the chubbachub cheekies to the sweet little nose and double chin.  And look at him trying to sit up!  Judging from the next sequence of pictures it didn’t last very long, but hey, he’s trying!

Cannon is really starting to get bigger.  I have already started putting away his little bitty clothes and can’t believe he was that tiny just twelve short weeks ago.  His 3-6 month size clothes are starting to get a leeeetle small, and he can wear some of Cole’s old 6-month size clothes.  So if anyone wants to get the boy clothes for Christmas, he needs winter clothes in size 6 months.  We have had to move him up to size 3 diapers already.  I don’t know when Cole went to size 3 but I’m not sure it was this early.  Maybe it was.  I can’t remember.

Sorry, I keep scrolling back up to look at the picture because HOW CUTE.

Anyway, Cannon is really starting to get a little personality.  He loves to talk to things.  His best friends are ceiling fans.  Every time I lay him on the bed or sit him in his chair, he starts talking and laughing at the fan.  I wonder why ceiling fans are so amusing to babies.  He also looooves his big brother.  Whenever Cole is in the room, Cannon follows him with his eyes wherever he goes.  And when Cole talks to Cannon, oh, he is in heaven!  The smiles and giggles are to die for.  He has also started to get really interested in his toys.  Cannon loves to stand up, so I decided a couple of weeks ago to get out the Circle of Neglect and put it together for him.  And like I suspected, he loves it.  When I first put him in it, his little feet hung about an inch off the bottom, but now they can touch the bottom and he can turn himself around to different toys.  His favorite seems to be a little plush sunshine on a stick.  I don’t get the appeal, but whatevs.  It buys me a half hour of time to get things done around the house or eat a meal with both hands free so I’m not complaining.

Enough about the baby, let’s talk about me.  Last time I was on maternity leave I went back to work when Cole was 12 weeks old.  This time I will be going back when Cannon is over 14 weeks old.  Since it’s so close to the end of the year I just figured I would use up my remaining vacation and personal time and stay out as long as I could.  I’m glad the extra time will get me through Christmas, and that the week between Christmas and New Year’s will be a 3-day week for me because we are closed on that Monday and my cousin’s wedding is on Thursday in Alabama so we will be traveling for that.  I’m very grateful to have had such a long maternity leave and I can’t believe it has gone by so fast.  I’ve enjoyed every minute with my little guy and will miss him terribly during the day when I go back to work.  But Zac is off that week I will be going back, so that will give Cannon a week to get used to being without me during the day without being in the hands of strangers (to him).  We did take him to Cole’s school for Parents Night Out last Friday and he did wonderful so I’m sure he will do just fine.  He took his first bottle with no problems and has had a couple since then at church and at home.  I’m glad he can transition back and forth easily like Cole did.  I did forget how much I disliked the pump, though.

I also had another four-day adventure on birth control before deciding to stop taking it again.  I just can’t do it.  It kills my supply and I’m not willing to jeopardize breastfeeding my baby for birth control.  Plus I had a lot of breakthrough spotting and that freaked me out.  I just don’t do well on hormones anymore.  Plus I know a couple of women who have gotten pregnant while taking the mini pill, a couple breastfeeding and one after she weaned her baby, so I just don’t trust it completely.  I don’t really trust anything completely, but the mini pill is just not something that works for me.  And if I did continue to take it I would have to find something else after I weaned because its effectiveness drops if you’re not breastfeeding.  We will just make do with prophylactics and nursing and that’s that.  It worked for us last time up until Christmas and I was talked into “just one time” without protection and nine months later we had that sweet sweet baby you see up there.  Best surprise of my life.  But if I can avoid another surprise like that for awhile, that would be great.  I can’t bring myself to do anything permanent yet because I’m not quite sure if we’re done, but I’d like for Cannon to be at least two years old before we even start thinking about either having another or deciding our family is complete and taking permanent measures.  I want to enjoy my babies for a little while before thinking about being pregnant with two children running around.  Yikes.

So we have had a busy few weeks.  I’ll share some photos from our adventures.  Enjoy!


Thanksgiving 2.0 in Athens

At PawPaw’s

Auburn for the Iron Bowl

Burks Christmas Gathering

The Santa Picture

Just Cute

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