This Week at the House of Burks 2011-11-20

  • New post: This Week at the House of Burks 2011-11-13 #
  • This Week at the House of Burks 2011-11-13 #
  • This is the fun week where I buy the supplies and do trial runs of my holiday recipes. Glad to have more time this year. #
  • Cannon is getting so big so fast. I barely remember how tiny he was when he was born. And at 8 lb 14 oz, he wasn't even that tiny. #
  • My husband took the Macbook Pro with him to work today, leaving me with only the iPad. Boo. #firstworldproblems #
  • 30 Days of Thanks! Day 14: for baby giggles and grins. They make even the hardest days fade away into the sea of forgetfulness. #
  • Hollister is the most obnoxious store in all the land. #
  • Dudes. Glass etching cream is expensive. I hope it works well. #
  • Test etching was a success!! #
  • 30 Days of Thanks! Day 15: for smartphones. Seriously, I would be lost without my phone. And I don't even like talking to people on it. #
  • Cole: "I want a critter to eat." Fresh out, son, but we did just stock up on varmint at the Kroger. Eat up. #
  • It really amuses me when "professional" bloggers use the wrong words in a sentence. Same sound, different spelling, and 100% wrong. #
  • 30 Days of Thanks! Day 16: for my sweet-spirited 2-year old. Cole is so kind and polite. He brings joy to everyone he meets. I love him so. #
  • Turkeys for the turkeys in Cole's class. #
  • I blinked and all of a sudden my baby was 2 months old. What's that all about? #
  • 30 Days of Thanks! Day 17: for Pinterest. Yes, seriously. It has given me tons of inspiration and ideas for things I will actually do. #
  • @verybloggybeth It's crazy how fast it goes by. 🙁 #
  • Great customer service from Kelly at @Joggermom. That's why I keep going back. 🙂 #
  • I forgot how much phantom kicks freak me out. #
  • Peppermint hot chocolate FTW. First @Starbucks Christmas cup of the season, too. Now, let's get that tree up. #
  • 30 Days of Thanks! Day 18: for Cole's school and teachers. He is thriving and well taken care of by people we trust, and he loves it there. #
  • I sing Party Rock Anthem to Cannon, but I replace "Party Rock" with his name. Cannon Burks is in the hooouuuse toniiiiiight… #
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  • For your nomming enjoyment… #
  • Cole's musical potty keeps going off. COLE IS STILL ASLEEP. Seems we have a small ghost with an overactive bladder. #
  • 30 Days of Thanks! Day 19: for a 2-year old who slept until 9 this morning. A nice change of pace from our usual wake-up time. #

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