My Crafty Muscles Are A-Twitchin’…

I have an urge.  An urge to CREATE!!!

Well, it’s not so much a creation as a straight-up copy job.  I’ve seen these things all over Pinterest (follow me over there to the right), and recently read a blog post by Becca over at The Paro Post detailing a similar project and she made it look so easy.  So I’m giving it a try.  I’m going to make my own picture frame necklace holder.


You would think that a woman with children and a penchant for being a shutterbug would have excessive amounts of picture frames just lying around the house.  Well, if you’re talking about this woman, you’d be wrong.  We have a lot of frames, but they all have, you know, pictures in them.  So I’ll need to find a frame suitable for this project.  I’d like something fairly ornate, with some character since the frame will share focus with the necklaces.  I also haven’t decided whether or not I want to attach some mesh to the back so that I can also hang earrings.  So that’s a possibility.  However it ends up, it will be nice to not have to sit around and untangle a pile of necklaces every time I want to wear one.

So I will be heading out to a thrift store or two and the hardware store with young Cannon in tow (safely stowed away in the Ergo, to ward off any handsy grandma-types looking to spew their germy pestilence all over him).  What the heck, I may even swing by Starbucks for a white mocha frap.  Possibly a trip to the mall is in store.  It’s really too nice outside to stay cooped up in the house, which I’ve been doing for about two weeks with an occasional errand tossed in.  I’m free and the possibilities are ENDLESS.

Okay, not really endless.  I’m free and the possibilities will likely be contained to Lawrenceville, Georgia and the surrounding vicinity!!!

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