One Week Old/Our Week So Far

One Week Old!

Neither the baby nor the lighting would cooperate for these pictures, but no matter.  Cannon was not at all happy to be associated with this monkey.  Hopefully he will come around.  Our little bean sprout is a week old!  This has been the fastest week of my life, I think.  I barely blinked and a week had passed.  Besides being in the hospital Friday through Monday, all the grandparents were in town at various times to help with Cole, and we appreciate them all.  My mom left today, so this weekend will be our first weekend alone as our little family of four.  It was great having our parents in town this week because we don’t get to see them very much, but I’m ready for life to get back to normal and get Cole back on his regular schedule.  His potty training regressed a little (okay, a lot) with the chaos of the week, so we really need to get him back on track this weekend with a little 3DPT refresher.

Back to Cannon.  Sorry for the lack of updates.  We have been so busy loving on our boys that there hasn’t really been much time for blogging.  Cannon has been a dream baby.  He only cries when he is hungry or cold.  Doesn’t even mind it if he has a poopy diaper.  Luckily he makes enough noise whilst producing said poopy diaper that we know when he has one and can change it immediately.  Which he does not like because it makes him cold.  He has been a really good sleeper at night so far.  I feed him last around 10:00 and he wakes up around 2-2:30 ready to eat again, and then at about 7:00.  He gets a diaper change before those feedings, but he would sleep all night in  a wet or poopy diaper if we would let him.  They just don’t bother him.  But I don’t want his new little tushie to get a rash so he gets changed, which gets him awake enough to eat a good bit.  I hope he gets tired of cluster feeding soon.  He will nurse for about 5 minutes, get tired and stop, then I burp him and he wants more five minutes later.  Hopefully he will settle into a more regular schedule soon, but I’m not going to force it or not feed him when I know he’s hungry just for the sake of getting him on a schedule that is convenient for me.  He’s just a widdle man, after all.

We were discharged from the hospital on Monday.  We could have stayed the extra day, but I missed Cole so much and was very anxious to get back home to him.  Zac (yes, that is the Mister’s name, I’m tired of having to change it) had to run to the office on Monday morning to open up and get things going, and he dropped by the house and picked Cole up to bring him to the hospital so we could go home as a family of four.  Cole has been a little hot and cold when it comes to Cannon.  When the  put the infant carrier in the car, Cole looked over at it and said, “I don’t wanna sit next to him!”  But his dismay didn’t last long, because he was asleep before we even got on the interstate.  And he doesn’t know this, but while he was asleep at home we got some cute pictures of our boys snuggling together.

Zac took Cole back to school on Thursday and called to let me know that it went very well.  He said that when Cole walked in the door all the other children went crazy, shouting “Hey Coley!”  And then Cole sat down on the floor and they all jumped on him and gave him hugs.  His best buddy Benjamin snuck up behind him and poked him in the back, and Cole turned around with a big grin and said, “you got me!”  Oh, how I love that boy.

It’s funny, I have loved Cole more than life itself for the past 27 months.  Most parents worry about having to share their love between two children or loving their older child less now that there is a second baby.  The instant I laid eyes on Cannon I loved him just as much as I love Cole.  And if anything, having two children has made me love Cole even MORE.  Seeing him as a big brother, hearing him tell Cannon that he loves him or giving him a kiss on the head, or asking “what’s wrong?” when Cannon cries and saying “don’t cry, Baby Brother” to comfort him really makes my heart swell.  Cole is such a sweet boy who is taking this major change in his life in stride and adapting very well.  Now that we have Cannon at home Cole is really starting to enjoy him.  He talks to him and loves on him and has been such a sweetheart this past week.  Zac and I have both made sure to give Cole extra attention and love and hugs and kisses so that he knows that he is not taking a backseat to this new baby in the house.

Let’s talk about me for a few minutes.  As you read in a previous entry I had a repeat C-section after going into labor naturally on Friday, September 16.  The surgery was again very textbook and non-emergency, and the same doctor who had been with me all day was still on to perform the surgery.  My body is evidently just not meant to push out babies.  I’m very good at being pregnant and carrying them, but pushing them out is just not in the cards for me.  Which is fine, I will just birth any future babies (if there are any) by C-section instead of attempting to birth them vaginally.  Since I didn’t labor for two days prior to this C-section, I went into it in a much better mindframe and was excited to head into the operating room instead of scared.  The C-section was familiar territory for me, so we were both confident in our decision and happy to be meeting our baby.  My anesthesia had been very good all day, allowing me to feel what was going on without having to deal with the pain (except when I discovered that my epidural pump line had somehow become clamped off, therefore not allowing any of the medicine to get into my system until I discovered the clamp and released it).  The anesthesia for the C-section was very much the same.  Instead of being numb from the chest down, this time I was numb from about my belly button down.  So I didn’t feel any pain from the incision or anything like that, but I could feel when the surgical assistant pushed on my upper abdomen to help get the baby out and I could feel the baby leaving my abdominal cavity.  Cannon came out screaming and pinked up very quickly.  We were so surprised to see that full head of hair!  I got stitched up and right into the recovery area.  They put me in the recovery area right next to where they do the baby’s initial checks, so I got to see all of that fun stuff this time and I got my baby in my arms in record time.  He nursed very well right away and I got to hold him on the bed while we were being taken to our regular room.  Zac pushed the button to play the lullaby throughout the hospital that lets everyone know that a new baby has been born, and we were on our way.

My recovery has been much faster this time around.  I was up and walking around on my own much sooner than last time, and I’ve just felt all around better.  I’ve been out of the house a couple of times on outings, and tomorrow we are going to take Cole to the park if the weather is nice.  I have been taking my Ibuprofen regularly, but I think I have weaned myself off the Percoset since my pain level hasn’t been that bad.  I reserve the right to take it again if I overdo it, though.  🙂  My milk came in earlier this week and Cannon has been eating like a king.  I will be happy when my supply regulates and I’m not constantly worried about engorgement and leakage.  It didn’t take too long for things to get under control with Cole, so hopefully after another week or so Cannon will get himself on a more regular eating pattern and things will settle down inside mah bewbies.  I can’t wait for Cannon to start getting chubby like his big brother was.  I love little fat babies!

Okay, I guess is enough for one entry.  Here are a few more pictures of our newest addition!

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