This Week at the House of Burks 2011-08-21

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  • This Week at the House of Burks 2011-08-14 #
  • My mother has invited herself behind the fabric counter at Joann. Dear Lord. #
  • Cole's Leap Frog computer asked, "who's your best friend?" He shouted, "Mommy!" Happy heart: check. #
  • @GlitterandGray I totally died. It was so stinking cute! #
  • I LOVE SCHOOL BUSES! #thingsthatarenottrue #
  • If @Pinterest were a human male, I would make sweet sweet love to it. #
  • I wanna quit the bank! #
  • 12 shirts, 6 pants, 1 hoodie, and 2 Ralph Laurens for Zac. $94. #
  • @Lins610 Royal icing I think. #
  • Cole has decided he no longer wishes to sleep in a shirt, just shorts. If it's good enough for Daddy, it's good enough for him, he feels. #
  • Is it just me, or does Gavin Rossdale not sound like himself anymore? #
  • The public restrooms at the Mall of Georgia make me lose all faith in humanity. #
  • I find it humorous that in Belk, the maternity section is next to the lingerie section. It's a natural progression. #
  • My 2-year old just sang the chorus to Friday after hearing it once. I'm now convinced that Rebecca Black is indeed the Devil. #
  • You know you're 8 months pregnant in August when you have to keep loosening the straps on your Chacos because your feet are puffy. #
  • Headed to Auburn for the day to work on the RV. It's our last chance before the baby comes. In four weeks. Holy crapola. #
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  • Now that I've taken some of my nesting aggression out on the RV, it's time to head home. Back in 2 weeks, if there's no baby by then. #
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