Pinterest Challenge Follow-Up

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So after my week’s deferment on Young House Love’s Pinterest Challenge and choosing a new project, I have completed my first project that I pinned.  I have been seeing various yarn crafts all over Pinterest, and since I had a lot of yarn sitting around I thought I would try my hand at a couple of yarn wreaths:  one for a friend of mine who is due with her second daughter three days before me, and one for our hospital door for when Little Brother is born.  I completed my friend’s wreath first, since her first child came by complete surprise at 36w4d.  Time was of the essence.

I started with a plain old wreath form from Michael’s, although I did see something (on Pinterest, of course) saying to use foam plumbing tubing from Lowe’s or Home Depot to save some bucks.  I might try that next time.  Then I wrapped it in some multicolor yarn that wasn’t overly girly.  Start to finish, I’d say this part took less than an hour.

Forgive the image quality, these are cell phone pics.  The tedious part now done, I relocated to my sewing table to start on some handmade felt flowers.  I did a few large and a few small, just for variety.  They were so easy and turned out so cute.

More flowers made, more flowers hot glued onto the wreath.

My friend’s baby doesn’t have a name yet, so I just went with Baby Girl.  I mixed together some paint and painted some chipboard letters a rosy pink color to match some of the yarn.  Here’s the wreath almost finished.  I didn’t take a picture after I painted the letters, so this will have to suffice.

I am actually very proud of how my very first yarn wreath turned out.  I’m not what you would call crafty at all, but this was such an easy project that even I couldn’t mess it up.  And now I have a nice go-to baby gift that doesn’t take a lot of time or money.  For Little Brother’s wreath I’m going with a pirate/ocean theme, so I’ll probably put some felt waves on the bottom quarter of the wreath, and probably a whale and a pirate ship with his name across the top.

Yes, we’ve decided on a name, but we won’t tell anyone until we’ve told him.  🙂

Did you do a craft this week?  Any fun pins?

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