Oh How Pinteresting Wednesdays!

NOTE:  I need to take a week’s deferment on the Pinterest Challenge, being that we had things come up this weekend that prevented me from finding the appropriate type of wood for my door mat.  So I decided to pick a new project and decided that I would make two yarn wreaths: one for myself and one for a friend of mine who is due three days before me.  I have the wreath forms, the yarn, and sheets of felt to make some flowers for her wreath, so I’m going to get started on hers tonight.  Please forgive me, I have a very hectic life.  As you can probably tell by the lack of posts on this here blog.

Now, then.

Since I am a fierce Pinterest lover, I’ve decided to participate in a blog hop dedicated solely to the site.

By now I’m sure everyone knows what Pinterest is.  You can follow me on Pinterest by clicking the link to your upper right.  I like to pin recipes, crafts, fabrics, kid stuff (specifically, boy kid stuff), housewares, and nifty little tricks I find here and there on the interwebs.  Need an invite?  Let me know if you need an invite and I’ll get one to you.

This week I’ve been pinning a lot of crafty stuff, as well as some holiday stuff.  I’ll have a new baby for Halloween this year, so I’m already trying to find some cute coordinating costumes for my boys. This will be little brother’s Halloween costume.  Big brother is going to be a pirate, but I haven’t found the perfect costume yet.

And here are some cute ideas for treat dispersal:

As I mentioned above, I’m going to be making a yarn wreath for my stay at the hospital when baby brother is born.  I went and got the basic supplies last night, but I’m still looking for some cute whale/ocean/piratey chipboard accessories to go on it.  I’m hoping it will turn out as cute as this yarn wreath:

(Unfortunately the Etsy shop this came from says they can’t find the product, so I just linked it to Odeedoh.)

And here’s a cute idea for Christmas: yarn trees!  I’m really loving all of these yarn crafts I’m seeing lately.  I’m a novice crocheter, so like anyone who dives headlong into a new hobby, I like to buy copious amounts of supplies that I will NEVER be able to use all up.  I think I will make wreaths and trees as Christmas gifts this year.

And an easy, elegant way to repurpose old Christmas tree balls into a festive accent piece over your dining room table:

I know as time goes on I will find more and more stuff that I HAVE to make.  My poor Mister is going to rue the day I discovered Pinterest.  What are you finding oh so pinteresting these days?  Head on over to The Vintage Apple and link up your Pinterest posterest!

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