My Favorite Things: The Regalo My Cot

The inhabitants of the House of Burks like to travel.  A lot.  The vast majority of both the Mister’s and my family live in Birmingham, Alabama or the surrounding areas.  We live in the Atlanta metro area, more specifically, on the east side of Atlanta.  Plus we were both born with a slight bit of wanderlust in our bones.  So when the opportunity presents itself to hit the open road (or just 85-S to 20-W), we jump on it.

Over the past two years, our travel bug has lain dormant with the arrival of little Mr. CJ.  It’s harder to travel with a child, but it must be done.  Holidays, birthdays, family get-togethers, football season, they all require us to pull up our hypothetical tent stakes and take it to another locale.  And wherever we go, we also have to sleep.  My parents have a bed for us, but no extra room for the kiddo, so he bunks up in our room (my childhood bedroom).  As you might imagine any secondary bedroom of a mid-1970s home, it is not a large space.  It is also jam-packed with a large antique waterfall furniture set given by my great-grandmother that my mother lovingly restained for me when I was a child.  It is quite beautiful, but also large.  Full size bed with headboard and footboard, tall chest of drawers, and a vanity and chair do a good job of filling up the small room.  There is also a bookcase filled with books and topped with a dollhouse made for me by my grandfather, a large wicker chair that serves as seating for stuffed animals (why there are still stuffed animals in the room I have not lived in for eight years is beyond me), and a TV cart with a small television.  Small room, lots o’ stuff.

As you can imagine, adding a third person and a third person’s stuff into the already crammed room has not been much fun.  Up until this past weekend, we had set up a pack-and-play for CJ to sleep in when we visited, but he is getting much too tall for it and just didn’t look comfortable the last time we were there.  So we set out in search for other sleeping options and stumbled across this contraption:


At only $25 from our local Walmart, we didn’t have much to lose by giving it a try.  We gave it a go this weekend, and were extremely pleased.  The cot is so easy to set up.  In fact, there is no set up required!  You just dump it out of the bag, unfold it, put on the top sheet (we put a blanket underneath the sheet for added softness), and set your sleeping child down on it.  Good to go.  CJ is also a roller, but the cot sinks down juuuust far enough to prevent him from rolling off the sides.  He was also able to get on and off the cot easily, which can be a blessing and a curse, I guess.  Still, I’d rather him be able to get off something eight inches from the ground than attempt to climb over the sides of the pack-and-play and land on his head, which he has come dangerously close to doing in the past.

We stayed at my parents’ house on Saturday night and then packed up for a day at the lake on Sunday.  The cot folded up and went back into the bag very easily, and we tossed it in the truck and were on our merry way.  When it was bedtime, I set up the cot and CJ slept the entire night very comfortably.  The cover is soft and snaps on easily with elastic sides, and is washable so you can use this cot outdoors, on the beach, at the lake, tailgating, anywhere you think your child might need a comfortable place to sit or lay.  It is also important to note that the cot opened and folded out silently.  No creaks or squeaks or noisy canvas.  It is solidly made and accommodates children up to 52 inches tall and 75 pounds, so I foresee many more years of use.

So if you’re looking for a comfy temporary bed that travels well and will last a long time, this would probably be a good purchase for you.  I’m sure I will be using it for many more years and at least one more child.  $25 at most Walmarts, in the baby section.  Happy travels!

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