This Week at the House of Burks 2011-06-19

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  • We had a great weekend with PawPaw! Wish he could have stayed longer. Cole cried when he left. 🙁 #
  • And today we are in the double digits. 99 days until D-Day. Wowzers. #
  • @littleelfs so jealous. My hydrangeas are struggling. #
  • @ksluiter Dear God. I am so sorry. Prayers for the family. #
  • Forgot my wedding ring. I feel weird without it. #
  • Hmm. The back pain is a new addition. Hopefully it is temporary. #
  • ONE FLOOR?! You can't take the stairs up ONE FLOOR?! King of all Douches. #
  • Am I a marked woman? Is there a contract on my life? No less than 5 people have tried to kill me today. Before 9am. #
  • I can't believe today is the last day I will have a 1-year old. How did this happen so fast? #
  • My sweet angel Cole is TWO YEARS OLD today!!! #
  • Let the Second Birthday of Fun begin! TO THE ZOO!! #
  • Finger prick AND a shot. NOT ONE TEAR SHED. AND he wowed the doctor with his verbal skills and intelligence. Great checkup! #
  • It’s somebody’s birthday! #
  • I stepped on a Singamajig in the dark and it scared the crap out of me. #
  • Gave up my usual Starbucks at Target so I can have ice cream at Turner Field. Good calorie trade. #
  • On your second birthday… #
  • Let the Second Birthday of Fun continue! TO THE BRAVES GAME!!! #
  • Stupid rain delay. Our seats are covered. Let's play baseball, you pansies! #

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