Ready For My Close-Up

We had our 12-week appointment and ultrasound today.  Everything looks perfect!  I have been so worked up all week waiting/dreading for today to get here.  Just like last time.  I always get so nervous before ultrasounds.  I don’t know why.  I’ve never had a bad one or anything.  Truth is, once they are in there, I grow babies like a champ.  I hope and pray that this pregnancy goes as smoothly as my first one.  So far so good.  God is great!

And now, on to the part that everyone really cares about…  PICTURES!

Swimmin’ around

Beautiful heartbeat!


Getting the NT measurements

Fuzzy profile

Oh hai, Mom and Dad!

Head, belly, and curled up legs

And there they are.  Baby Burks #2 looks absolutely perfect.  S/he had a heart rate of 155, and the nuchal fold and nasal bone were both normal.  I should get the results from the bloodwork back in about 10 days.  The Mister said during the ultrasound that he thought it was a boy, but I’m still leaning toward girl for some reason.  I was right last time and he was wrong, so maybe I’ll be 2 for 2!  The rest of the appointment went well.  I’m still down a couple of pounds from my starting weight, so I’m really hoping to keep the weight gain to around 15 pounds, which is the recommended amount for an already overweight person such as myself.  My blood pressure was good, and hopefully all of the other tests will come back normal.  I got the whole once-over from the doctor, which was lots of fun (she said sarcastically).  I will have to go back in another week or so for a blood draw to test for a few genetic diseases.  This is a new offering since my last pregnancy.  They will test for cystic fibrosis, male factor X, and something else that I forgot.  Neither of us have a history of genetic diseases in our families, so hopefully everything will be okay.

In “meh” news, this doctor was a little more realistic about my chances of a VBAC. She said if I was going to have another 9-pounder then they would probably advise against it because of the uterine rupture risks. And honestly, I’m fine with that. I am not married to the idea of a VBAC. It would be nice, but my ultimate goal is a live baby and minimal damage done to my body. She said we would definitely start monitoring growth more closely starting around 32 weeks, and decide at 38 weeks what to do. She was very positive about VBAC-ing a smaller baby (maybe between 7 and 8 pounds), but CJ’s size is what halted my labor last time so they would likely encourage a repeat C with another large baby. Not great news, but my practice is one of the few in the area that actually does VBAC so I know if there is any possible way for me to VBAC safely they will get me through it.

Well, I guess that’s about it for this update!  I will post the regularly scheduled weekly update later this evening after we take some pictures.  Have a great day!

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