20 Months Old and a Little Mayhem…

Well, my baby isn’t a teenager anymore, monthwise.

Seriously, where did my little Peanut go?  Was it really so long ago that his entire body was the length of my forearm?  It’s like all of a sudden he’s turned into this little person.  He runs, jumps, throws, catches, climbs, and follows directions.  He talks in full sentences.  He knows exactly what he wants and knows how to tell us what he wants.  All it takes is for us to say a word once, and he gets it.  CJ is still ahead of the curve verbally.  He likes to hide from us and tell us where he is when we start asking by saying “I’m right here!”  He loves to read his books to us, especially Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See? He can recite it word for word, and even points out the animals from the book when he sees them out and about.  He can count to ten, say most of the days of the week, and is getting better at the alphabet every day.  One of our nightly traditions is watching a Veggie Tales Silly Song or a They Might Be Giants podcast on Youtube before bed, and CJ has started telling us which ones are his favorites and which ones he doesn’t like.

I have a lot of pictures to add, but they are all on the Macbook Pro, which the Mister has with him today at work.  I will post some when he gets home.

I really don’t have that much more to update about on CJ.  He is just about as perfect and wonderful as a toddler can be.  Except for when he is teething and fussy, he is extremely good-natured and easy-going.  I could not ask for a better child.  I love him so much more than I ever knew was possible.  I honestly don’t know how I will love another child as much as I love him.  But I better figure it out before September rolls around.

Yes, you read that right.

Baby Burks #2 is on the way!

To say that we were surprised by this news is a bit of an understatement.  Given the lengths I had to go to to get pregnant with Lunchbox, I really didn’t think a surprise pregnancy was something that we would ever need to think about.  But as one of the attorneys in my firm always says, we plan and God laughs.  Well, God must get the gigglefits every time he thinks about me.  I was SHOCKED.

It all started on January 9, the day we were leaving to go to Auburn for the national championship game.  I had been feeling a little bit off the past week, so I decided to go ahead an take the one lonely pregnancy test that had been hanging out in our bathroom closet.  You know, just to rule it out.  So I took the test and went into the bedroom to finish packing.  After three minutes had passed, I went back into the bathroom to pick up the what I was sure was going to be a negative pregnancy test.  Boy, was I in for the surprise of my life.

At first I thought my eyes might be playing tricks on me.  After all, I spent the vast majority of 2008 trying to see lines on pee sticks that weren’t there.  So I showed it to the Mister.  He studied it for a minute, and then declared, “there’s a plus sign there!”  I still couldn’t believe it, but the Mister was sitting there looking like the cat that ate the canary.  I was starting to get a little bit upset.  We have a LOT of stuff going on right now, and a new baby was NOT really in the cards for us.  But seeing the Mister’s excitement calmed me down.

So next I did what I usually do when I have baby or pregnancy-related questions.  I took it straight to my message board, where I was immediately declared knocked up and told to re-test with a red dye test or a digital.  We headed down to Auburn around lunchtime that day, so we stopped at Walmart on the way in and I got two red dye Equate tests, the same brand that told us of our little CJ’s existence.  I waited until later that evening to take the first test.  I was expecting it to be negative,  that the first test was a fluke, a false positive.

Well, there was no denying it now.  I was pregnant.  Merry Christmas to us!

I took the other test the next morning with the same result.  We were in absolute shock at first, but then as the shock wore off the excitement started coming through.  A surprise baby!  I had long since given up all hope of that ever happening for us.  I love that I was able to get pregnant without medication, monitoring, pleading and begging God for a baby.  We weren’t planning on trying again for several more months, but the age difference between children will be great.  CJ will be over two years old so we won’t have to go through the dreaded 2 under 2.  CJ gets more independent every day and by the time the Weeble gets here we hope to have him potty trained and out of diapers.  That will save us a TON of money!

Even though the pregnancy happened easily, it has not been without drama.  Oh no.  First I couldn’t get through to my doctor’s office because of Snowmageddon/Icepocalypse 2011.  Then the day of my appointment, it took us three hours to get from our house to Midtown.  This is typically a 30-minute drive on a good day.  At my confirmation ultrasound the next week, there was nothing there but a sac, and I was told that I was 4 weeks 4 days pregnant.  That couldn’t be right, I thought, because that meant that I got a BFP at 6 days past ovulation, which is unheard of.  I was put on a progesterone supplement and given another ultrasound four days later, and not only did I see a beautiful heartbeat, but the Weeble had caught up a whole week in growth and was back on track to where it should be, giving me an estimated due date of September 19.  I just think the first ultrasound was at a bad angle or something.  But nonetheless, I cried when I saw that heartbeat because I had been so worried.  I spent the better part of that weekend between ultrasounds in prayer, and this baby is living proof (in more ways than one) that God answers prayers.

So as of right now I am 10 weeks pregnant.  I have finally started feeling like a human being again.  The past month was fraught with nausea and heartburn and extreme fatigue and NAUSEA.  I lost 10 pounds because nothing sounded good and I didn’t want to eat, or what I did manage to eat I ended up throwing back up.  Everyone tells me that this means the baby is a girl.  We’ll see.  I don’t know what I would do with a girl, but I guess I’ll figure it out.  Most of the family knows, and my work knows because, as mothers of more than one child will tell you, it is harder to hide it the second time around, especially when you lose 10 pounds and have a growing belly.

I don’t have any ultrasound pictures to share because they were both so quick that I didn’t have time to ask for a disc, but I will try to scan a picture when I get home.  We have our first big ultrasound in two weeks, and I may explode between now and then.  I have tried to remain detached in case something goes wrong, but I can’t help it.  I already love this little bean so much.  I am so happy that CJ will have a little brother or sister to grow up with.  He has already started talking to the baby and kissing my belly.  It brings tears to my eyes to see how sweet he is already with his sibling.

My office called CJ Danger when I was pregnant with him, so we’ve decided to nickname the Weeble Mayhem.  So in conclusion, Long Live Mayhem, Sibling of Danger!!

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