What? I have a blog?

Sorry.  The more time that passes, the more I realize I am just not cut out to be a “good” blogger.  I just really don’t have the desire to put forth the effort.  I couldn’t care less about my rankings on blog sites anymore.  Nobody asks me to do reviews or giveaways anymore.  I can’t even find the time or the desire to write a new blog post once a week.  I said on Twitter a couple of days ago that I never really felt relevant on the mommy blogosphere.  It’s true.  I don’t bring anything new to the table.  My life is extremely mundane, and I like it that way.  Nothing big or traumatic or exciting really happens to us.  We just live our average lives in our average house, go to our average jobs and pay our average bills.  We are blessed with our health, physical, mental, and emotional.  Aside from the occasional tiff, the Mister and I rarely argue.  CJ behaves himself most of the time.  Even our pets are decidedly average.  I have no particular special talents that I can share with the world through a blog.  I’m not especially creative or crafty.  I don’t have time to compose blog entries based on writing prompts.  I have no social life or society activities to write about.  And let’s face it, average doesn’t draw in readers.  I can’t bear to read blog entries that detail a person’s daily activities (and God forbid there be pictures), so I can’t bring myself to write those types of entries.  So instead of posting fluff when I don’t have anything to say, I just don’t say anything.

Are you bored yet?

Yes, my life is average.  Exciting things rarely happen around these parts.  The waters are mostly calm, and we sail along at a steady pace.  Average translates into boring a lot of the time, but it also means that things aren’t one step away from complete disaster.  And if life is a little boring but steady and non-disastrous, then by golly, I’ll take it.

In other more exciting news, tonight my Auburn Tigers won the SEC Championship game!  They defeated the South Carolina Gamecocks at the Georgia Dome 56-17.  I was nervous when the game started, but the Tigers finally played a full four quarters of football and are now headed to Glendale to play for the National Championship.  War Eagle!

In less exciting news, my firm is having our annual holiday party at a lodge resort.  Overnight!  We get to spend next Saturday night in a swank lodge, enjoy a wonderful dinner, and they are hosting a casino night with really great prizes!  AND AND AND.  We can SLEEP.  Sleep all night.  Sleep as late as we want (until checkout).  My mom is coming over to watch CJ for the night.  It will be my first night away from CJ.  My mom is so looking forward to keeping CJ overnight, and I am looking forward to a night of fun and a morning of sleeping in.

As amends for being a craptacular blogger, I give you the Burks family Christmas photo:

And some more CJ cuteness:

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