This Family is All In

As you may have noticed, the House of Burks is a House that supports the Auburn Tigers.  The Mister and I have been Auburn fans since we could walk, and we are raising CJ to follow suit.  He attended his first Auburn game when he was 4 months old, and this year were were fortunate enough to purchase season tickets, so he has been to a few more games this season.

And my, what a season it has been.  I knew we would improve on our 8-5 record of last year.  Our offensive line is full of seasoned seniors, brimming with experience and a drive to win.  We had a nice recruiting year last year, which brought us Michael Dyer, a freshman that, when running down the field, resembles a fire hydrant that has been shot out of a cannon.  He has proved his worth and then some this season.  Our returning players have matured and improved by leaps and bounds under the coaching of Gene Chizik, Trooper Taylor, Gus Malzahn, Curtis Luper, and the rest.  Zac Etheridge, Neiko Thorpe, Josh Bynes, Lee Ziemba, Philip Lutzenkirchen, Ryan Pugh, Byron Isom, Terrell Zachery, Mario Fannin, Nick Fairley, all of these guys are worth their salt out there on the field.

And of course, there is quarterback Cam Newton.  2010’s Mr. Football.  Heisman Trophy frontrunner.  The most exciting player Auburn, nay, college football as a whole, has seen in many years.  I have become such a huge fan of this young man.  Not only is his story of making good on second chances endearing, but Cam is just fun to watch.  He is like a little kid out there on the field and in his everyday life from what I can tell.  He exudes joy and happiness when he steps into the stadium.  The smile never leaves his face.  His joy and love for the game and for Auburn is infectious.  I think Cam Newton makes Auburn fans better Auburn fans.  He has said repeatedly that he feels blessed to be a part of the Auburn Family, and his love for the school and fans really draws this Family together.

Recently, as I am sure you have heard (unless you have taken up residence under a rock), Cam and Auburn itself have come under fire for some allegations made by people associated with the Mississippi State football program.  This has snowballed into madness.  First there were allegations of a pay-for-play deal at MSU (with no hard evidence and “witnesses” that have both changed their stories and contradicted each other’s stories several times), then the supposed cheating scandal and the leaking of his academic/disciplinary record at Florida (which violates federal privacy law), and finally talk of SEC/NCAA/FBI investigations regarding Auburn University (which have all been refuted by MSU, Auburn, and the SEC/NCAA).  Auburn’s name has been dragged through the mud in the past 9 days.  The Newton family has been tried and convicted in the court of public opinion with no evidence except the stories of those supposedly involved at MSU (which implicates MSU in some very severe violations, by the way, if certain people’s stories are true).  The media has become a circus.  Journalism has gasped its last dying breath with the stories that are flying around on the internet about Cam Newton and Auburn.

Will he play?  Will he sit?  Will he be suspended, never to set foot on the field again?  Sure, there are questions.  Nobody is really sure what to think or who to believe.  All we have to go on is the reports from MSU and the SEC and NCAA saying that Auburn has not been implicated in any wrongdoing, and the integrity of one Gene Chizik and Auburn’s NCAA compliance department.  We have to believe that if Auburn would have found any sort of issue with Cam Newton’s eligibility, he would have never taken the first snap for Auburn.  I for one choose to believe in Gene Chizik.  I feel that he is a man of integrity and honor, and that if the first hint of impropriety had arisen, Cam Newton would have been sat.

There is certainly more going on behind the scenes than the media or the fans know.  To think that Auburn has not been in communication with the powers that be is foolish.  Auburn has remained confident in their quarterback, and that is good enough for me.  Until I am given a reason to not believe in Cam Newton, Gene Chizik, and Auburn, I am behind them 100 percent.  All in.  When the Tigers take the field today, Jordan-Hare Stadium will be in danger of collapsing from the uproar.  When we see our fearless leader send Cam Newton to lead the Tigers today, we will have our answer.  The Tigers are all in.  We’re going for broke and God help you if you get in our way.

War Eagle!  Fly down the field!
Ever to conquer, never to yield!
War Eagle!  Fearless and true!
Fight on, you Orange and Blue!  Go Go Go!
On to victory, strike up the band!
Give ’em hell, give ’em hell, stand up and yell, HEY!
War Eagle!  Win for Auburn!
Power of Dixieland!

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