Today in Review

  • This phone is crazy amazing. So freaking fast. Avatar looks awesome on the screen. #
  • Today was a low tweet day. But that's okay. #
  • @TheNerdyKatie Samsung Vibrant. AH MA GAH. So amazing. in reply to TheNerdyKatie #
  • Phone battery is fully charged. Today we put it to the test. #
  • Evidently it is a perfect day for pitching fits. #
  • IKEA is not kind to my feet. #
  • @lifeasaSAHM I'm thinking about it. Depends on what happens with my blog this year. # blogher11 # buzzedher10 in reply to lifeasaSAHM #
  • @lifeasaSAHM Capri Sun and frozen grapes. # buzzedher10 in reply to lifeasaSAHM #
  • Gah stupid new phone keyboard adding spaces after my hashtags! #
  • I really wanted some ice cream tonight. Specifically, a pecan pie blizzard. Alas, it was not to be. #

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