Today in Review

  • Oh Drumline. How I love you so. Don't judge me. #
  • @AccustomedChaos Bless your heart! in reply to AccustomedChaos #
  • Can a blogger get some fans, please? #
  • Hook a sister up with some votes, and I'll stop shamelessly promoting. #
  • Tonight I'm going to my first girls' night since July of 2009. Momma needs a break. #
  • I swear. What is it about electrical outlets that is so attractive to a 14-month old boy? And how do I keep him away from them? #
  • @Lins610 HAHAHAHA!! That just might work. in reply to Lins610 #
  • I have a lie bump on the tip of my tongue. I don't recall telling any lies recently, though. #

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