Phoning it in.

Well, here I am in my little pumping room at work. I finished my last Sookie Stackhouse book last night, so I have nothing to pass the time. So I figured why not try to do a little blogging on my phone?

Technology is such an amazing thing. I can sit in a room in a building in Midtown Atlanta and broadcast my thoughts to the WHOLE WORLD in written form. How awesome is it that we can have this platform to share our innermost self with potentially millions of people?

Right now, my innermost self wishes she hadn’t had a hankering for Chinese food.

It wasn’t even GOOD Chinese. It was plain old run of the mill Chinese. I didn’t even get a good fortune.

But I still ate it all. AND I’M NOT ASHAMED, INTERNET!

That’s a lie. I’m a little ashamed. I’m such a fat kid. Now I feel like I shouldn’t eat dinner tonight to offset the ungodly amount of calories I consumed for lunch.

But I probably will. After all, fatty is as fatty does.

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