My Favorite Things

I’d like to start doing fairly regular posts of my favorite items, things that I have found come in handy as I go about my day.  So, let’s get started.

One of my most favorite recent purchases is the Mommy Hook.

Wow, that picture is huge.  I can’t figure out how to resize it on the Mac, though.  So deal with the huge picture.

The Mommy Hook is great.  I can’t believe I went eight months without it.  As you can see, the Mommy Hook is a giant carabiner that hooks on to a stroller handle so you can hang your shopping bags or handbag on it while you’re out and about with your little one.  It could also go on a shopping cart if you were so inclined.  I usually place my handbag in the seat of the cart if CJ is not shopping with me, but when he tags along I have to keep it on my shoulder and it tends to slip down.  The Mommy Hook would eliminate that problem and keep my handbag close and secure.

The Mommy Hook in action.  I have found this to be quite the handy little gadget.  CJ likes his stroller a lot and we typically take it to the mall when we go shopping.  If the Mister isn’t with us, I have a hard time shoving shopping bags and packages in the stroller basket.  Enter Mommy Hook.  It’s great for holding a few bags and even my handbag.  Any more than three or four bags and it would be cumbersome on the stroller handle, but for short trips it is awesome.

For around $7.00, you can get a Mommy Hook of your own.  I got mine at Babies R Us, but you can get one at Target or Walmart.  Happy shopping!

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